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 What is Greek Modding Team?

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PostSubject: What is Greek Modding Team?   Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:32 pm

Greek Modding Team was founded in 2009 by myself and Gilgamesh@GMT Xbox 360 Division. It started as a group of friends who just wanted to mod together and have fun, which is still our goal. Its original name was IMT, Icarus Modding Team. The name came from one of GMT Athena's favorite anime characters. Eventually as we started getting more members, we changed the name to GMT. As you may know already, we do not consider ourselves a clan, or what not... We are a family, and family sticks together no matter what may happen. This is to be promoted to every new member who goes through the GMT Boot Camp. GMT Boot Camp is our way of making sure that every member who joins us is able to get to know every member and feels comfortable with us, and to make sure that we are comfortable with them as well. To insure we are not just letting any random in, we do this. It usually lasts up to 2 weeks depending on your experience and the amount of time you've spent with us.

Greek Modding Team is to remain neutral, we do not start drama, we finish it. Any body who wants beef with us will not get it, for we do not promote childishness. I expect everyone in GMT to respect each other equally despite their position in the family, for when it started, that is all it was about. And it will stay this way.

With that said, If you wish to know more about the origin of GMT and its original members, you can speak with myself or Gilgamesh.

Welcome to Greek Modding Team.
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What is Greek Modding Team?
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